Fuel Saver and Pantone Kit for all engines. Ecology for all !

The fuel saver is generally present in two forms, one is a consumable (oil additive) and the other in the form of system (oxidiser). Fuel (diesel, gasoline, ethanol, gnv, gpl, bio fuel, bio gas) is improved for many years. This is the point common to all vehicles, combustion, air, we have developed our fuel saver by creating an oxidiser. A water doping system based on pantone system.

We offer devices to reduce the consumption of combustion engines. It is an accessory for reducing the fuel consumption of an internal combustion engine. The fuel saver kits we offer, were the first to assemble yourself. Our apparatus for fuel consumption reduction are the first to be placed on the market available to the public in 2007 for gasoline, diesel and gas cars. Since trains, boats, buses, cars, motorcycles, trucks, generator, camper.
ECOPRA designs and manufactures its fuel savers. Our goal is to help you reduces your consumption and reduces
emitted pollution .

With ECOPRA you Save Fuel

We come from the French manufacturing industry, 100% Auvergne.
The technical usability choice of materials manufacturing and design is a pure product that enters the economy ecology and sustainable development. It is legion today.
The kit itself is 100% recyclable. This product is a qualified professional in the automotive distributors. Today it is in other jurisdictions and other projects which complement the range of products ecopra.

Ecopra Economy Ecology sustainable development

Since 2006 ecopra shows that each actor can be an energy saving and consistent action on the environment.
The European government gives the following terminology: the fuel saver should be able to install with ease because otherwise it falls into a category of significant modification that changes the design of the vehicle. The definition of our work is to provide a fuel saver binding to an existing engine. Its simple nature does not change the engine components. Making it easy to install for use identical and unmodified driver.
Therefore if serial is considered a performance manufacturer.
Ecopra is the first company to have offered on the market pantone fuel saver kits. The saver fuel self-assembly on its own passenger car or utility equipment. The water doping democratized hybridized your own vehicle.
Energy saving is an obligation and a duty. We are working on other techniques and products related to sustainable development in collaboration with other companies.
To date Ecopra was the first company to have new vehicles equiped with the manufacturer's agreement with the maintenance of the manufacturer's warranty.
For more information on ecopra and its history, you can read our ecopra brief History.
To see how ecopra and the pantone fuel saver kit were known, you can watch our press, and watch videos.