Fuel Saver and Pantone Kit for all engines. Ecology for all !


  • Electricity
  • Fuel Autonomy
  • Opacity
  • Compatible
  • Gas UP
Our photos and videos

Our photos and videos

You can see galleries of photos and videos about our fuel saver, Pantone Kit, Water doping system.



Photos and videos of our installation of the ecopra oxidiser kit on cars.

There are various types of cars, vehicles with any type of fuel, diesel, petrol, LPG and even cooking oil.

All types of cars are represented, the old, the most recent, small and large, 4x4, ATV.

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Photos and videos of our ecopra oxidizer pantone kit setups on trucks.

You can see trucks, recent or oldest, from Euro 2 standards to the latest standards Euro 6.

Variable results from 1.5 to 8 liters of gains in France and abroads.

The various assemblies are configurations in different climatic temperatures above 40 ° Celsius to 30 ° Celsius.

Different types of transportation are represented.

Goods, quarries,
refrigerated, buses, tow truck, moving van, transport with special dispensation....

You can also check our pantone kit:

ECOPRA Fuel Saver Set - Commercial vehicule Gillier Pantone

ECOPRA Fuel saver set - Truck Gillier Pantone

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You will find in this category Videos and Photos of the pantone ecopra kit on generators. Save fuels and energy thanks to this water doping system.
Our experience on generators is on a range of 2-750 power kva diesel, gas and multi-fuel.
Noticed fuel savings are from 10 to 30 %.
Lower pollution opacity is 80%.
We suggest you make your electricity cheaper and cleaner.
Generators are installed with our fuel savers on all continents.
The new generators were installed.
Ask us for a quote, advice.

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Videos and photos of the ecopra fuel saver kit on motorhomes.
The different types of installation of fuel saving kits on trucks converted into camper.
All types of RV are modifiable. Whether or modified vehicles manufacturers. (Pilot, Rapido, Chausson, Challenger ... Hymmer non-exhaustive list).
All the different types of motors are compatible. Whether ethanols diesel fuel or gasoline.
Exceptional vehicles that are manufactured in eco materials.
Vehicles that are equipped with all generations (1970-2013).
Kits that are removed from a vehicle and mounted on another one.
Decreases opacities of gas were found nearly 80%.
Fuel savings of 20-30%.
Increased driving comfort is noticed by the decrease in noise in the cabin.

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Videos and montages kit comburateur ecopra on tractors.
Possible on fixed or mobile equipment, tractor, harvester, combine harvester.
All can increase performance by changing the oxidant.
With the new
GNR fuel, the ecopra kit is as effective.
Find below some videos and photos of installation.

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Utility vehicle

Utility vehicle

Video and photo of mounting some gillier pantone kit and Evidence of ecopra kit on commercial vehicles.
These are arrangements in communities, international companies, SMB, auto entrepreneurs and individuals.
Both assemblies ecopra are represented: the air Drinker / Air drinker and kit ecopra Gillier Pantone.
The results and benefits are immediate with our fuel savers.
These fuel savers are presented on different types of new vehicles, leased vehicles and heavy pollution. (Opacity gas).
Hoisting and handling are visible in this category.
Vans, trucks, vans, buses, boats fishing.

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Installation sur voiture.



Feedback from a very satisfied customer after the installation of an ecopra pantone kit, ecopra reduced its fuel consumption by 26%.
The installation kit pantone ecopra became a bus Irisbus ecopra Caribbean, in Guadeloupe. See the article
"Water doping on an Irisbus bus with an ecopra pantone kit, decrease your bus fuel consumption".
The customer has a 300L tank, before installing the kit there were
every day about 60 liters left of fuel in the tank.
After time ecopra kit, there is 130 liters left of fuel in the fuel tank.

SNCF operates a fleet of large diesel engine equipment and this energy still has many years ahead of her in terms of rail transport to the views of non-electrified routes and many sites of action on which this energy is the only option.
Unfortunately this energy (though less expensive than the electrification of all the channels) is expensive:

  • The fuel consumption is a significant burden on business.
  • Pollution generated is enormous, especially in urban areas where there is a large amount of equipment operation on platforms and garages.

During holiday Return installing a kit ecopra on this Mercedes 290 TD Wagon.
This car can be seen as can transport large volumes and many things.

This mercedes is known to be one of the most sober in class E and also one of the most reliable.
The already low power consumption has been reduced to 5.7 liters per 100kms with the maximum load.

Pantone ecopra kit was installed on a New Renault Twingo for Suez in 2011. Guaranteed manufacturer was upheld by Renault.

Different mounting of ecopra pantone kit on trucks, tractors and car mercedes Most Czechoslovakia.
The results over a period of 6 months of use.

Mounting a fuel saver kit on a commercial vehicle Renault Kangoo in Saint Symphorien-sur-Coise Rhones-Alpes for Lyonnaise water.
The operation is done in a Renault garage. The gain is 20%.


ECOPRA is present in Morocco.
In this video Jawed presents a 4x4 equipped kit pantone ecopra. This is a 4x4 nissan patrol 4.2 liter UN vehicle.


Mounting a pantone ecopra kit on a forklift Fenwick.
The film is set on the grounds of Soletanche Bachy with comments on drivers after installation.


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