Fuel Saver and Pantone Kit for all engines. Ecology for all !

SNCF operates a fleet of large diesel engine equipment and this energy still has many years ahead of her in terms of rail transport to the views of non-electrified routes and many sites of action on which this energy is the only option.
Unfortunately this energy (though less expensive than the electrification of all the channels) is expensive:

  • The fuel consumption is a significant burden on business.
  • Pollution generated is enormous, especially in urban areas where there is a large amount of equipment operation on platforms and garages.
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During holiday Return installing a kit ecopra on this Mercedes 290 TD Wagon.
This car can be seen as can transport large volumes and many things.

This mercedes is known to be one of the most sober in class E and also one of the most reliable.
The already low power consumption has been reduced to 5.7 liters per 100kms with the maximum load.

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Mounting an ECOPRA Pantone kit on 4WD Toyota land cruiser and Control polution, gas opacity.

During this technical control, it was checked that gas opacity was reduced byt 50% directly after the kit installation.

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The kit ecopra fuel saver will be able to produce an economy combining ecology with its installation and the economic and sustainable action can be installed on camper, on inefficient and polluting vehicles.
Retroactive effect will clean the engine and resume compression reduce oil consumption and increase the torque.

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Mounting of a Caterpillar generator.
The Pantone ECOPRA kit can be adapted to all the powers to reduce fuel consumption. Ecology and economy can be combined.
In the oil-producing countries, electricity is provided by generators.
The diesel fuel saver is suitable for different powers.
In places isolated life, energy dependence is extreme and it is vital to conserve fuel.
A generator installation takes no more than an hour for fuel saver kit ecopra.
You can collect up to 2 and a half months of consumption per year.

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