Fuel Saver Kit for all engines. Ecology for all !


  • Electricity
  • Fuel Autonomy
  • Opacity
  • Compatible
  • Gas UP


Photos and videos of our ecopra oxidizer pantone kit setups on trucks.

You can see trucks, recent or oldest, from Euro 2 standards to the latest standards Euro 6.

Variable results from 1.5 to 8 liters of gains in France and abroads.

The various assemblies are configurations in different climatic temperatures above 40 ° Celsius to 30 ° Celsius.

Different types of transportation are represented.

Goods, quarries,
refrigerated, buses, tow truck, moving van, transport with special dispensation....

You can also check our pantone kit:

ECOPRA Fuel Saver Set - Commercial vehicule Gillier Pantone

ECOPRA Fuel saver set - Truck Gillier Pantone

Here is a mounting of an ecopra pantone kit made by ecopra caraïbes on a Volvo FM 420 Truck.

Carrier Boquet Jerry in Guadeloupe has trusted ecopra and agreed to install a pantone ecopra fuel saver on his vehicle.
Two months after the installation of the kit, Mr Boque gave us his impressions:

  •  Decrease in its fuel bill compared to the previous month for the same activity.
  •  Torque gain
  •  So it works

This video was shot in Most. You can see the mounting of a pantone ecopra kit, testimony, the results of economy and fuel savings with a scania truck.