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Monday, 02 September 2013 11:24

Water doping system on diesel trolleys, train for SNCF would give huge fuel economy.

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SNCF operates a fleet of large diesel engine equipment and this energy still has many years ahead of her in terms of rail transport to the views of non-electrified routes and many sites of action on which this energy is the only option.
Unfortunately this energy (though less expensive than the electrification of all the channels) is expensive:

  • The fuel consumption is a significant burden on business.
  • Pollution generated is enormous, especially in urban areas where there is a large amount of equipment operation on platforms and garages.

Moreover, in its business plan remind us "Destination 2012," Pepy G is willing to make the train "a French champion of eco-mobility".
But the Eco mobility is developing mobility of passengers and goods, but no matter how mobility that is economical and environmentally friendly.
The installation kit comburateur ecopra a shunting can bring several advantages:

  • This machine creates many problems in terms of pollution during maneuvers. In the workshops that are not intended for the thermal material, a decrease of air pollution reduce many nuisances.
  • The use of these locomotives in maneuvers causes more clogged exhaust. Less carbon and therefore a decrease in the risk of fire in the exhaust (already noted incident sites to maneuver)
  • And of course a drop in consumption, something already proven and recognized on trolleys but also generators of equal or greater power.
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