Fuel Saver and Pantone Kit for all engines. Ecology for all !


  • Electricity
  • Fuel Autonomy
  • Opacity
  • Compatible
  • Gas UP
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Résultat économie ecopra sur bus IrisBus Résultat économie ecopra sur bus IrisBus

Feedback from a very satisfied customer after the installation of an ecopra pantone kit, ecopra reduced its fuel consumption by 26%.
The installation kit pantone ecopra became a bus Irisbus ecopra Caribbean, in Guadeloupe. See the article
"Water doping on an Irisbus bus with an ecopra pantone kit, decrease your bus fuel consumption".
The customer has a 300L tank, before installing the kit there were
every day about 60 liters left of fuel in the tank.
After time ecopra kit, there is 130 liters left of fuel in the fuel tank.


  Before kit ecopra
After Kit ecopra
Fuel consummed
230 170
Fuel left 70 130

fuel economy results with ecopra

Profitability and growing economy

This client saved € 2,010 of fuel in a month. The ecopra kit is profitable on a month's time for this client.
Fuel economy is still 26%, but the economy in the euro will become greater.
The cost of fuel will not decrease, but the savings will be more palpable.

fuel economy by 26%

Here is the return on the client:

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