Fuel Saver and Pantone Kit for all engines. Ecology for all !

  • Electricity
  • Fuel Autonomy
  • Opacity
  • Compatible
  • Gas UP

Bubbler ecopra (micro bubbler) for water doping system,it provides a moist or wet exhaust air for Ecopra reactor Gillier Pantone. It is intended for an exhaust diameter from 105 à 130mm .

Bulleur 105 à 125 mm
540,00 € each Bulleur 105 à 130

Such bubbler can be mounted on any type of vehicle construction through Trucks with pot diameter is between 105 and 130 mm.
The power source may be of various water tank but also in other formes.Il be complete at this time float 3/8 for regulating the water level.
It can be positioned on the exhaust (intermediate tubes at the passage of the rear wheels with stainless steel necklaces serflex 14mm).
It is fully stainless steel 316L.Il is strong and resistant to intemperies. Il can work with rainwater, tap water, and wild water.