Fuel Saver and Pantone Kit for all engines. Ecology for all !

  • Electricity
  • Fuel Autonomy
  • Opacity
  • Compatible
  • Gas UP

Air Drinker fuel saver. The new wave of Fuel saver.

ecopra fuel saver Air drinker kit for cars

It is available for engines from 125 cm3 to 4200 cm3 and all fuel. Prices :

Kit ari drinker
576,00 € each Kit Comburateur ecopra - Air Drinker version 2021 "nouveau produit"

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Fuel saver for petrol vehicles, diesel, gnv, LPG, bio fuel from 125 cm3 to 4200 cm3. It is a concentrate of our field experience and our research.
This new set is grafted on admission before the air filter and to provide a hybrid air oxidant.
It is purely mechanical. It is independent and non
energy-greedy . It is transferable from one vehicle to another in minutes.
It is the result of the latest technology in water doping. It is a fuel saver for motor gasoline, diesel, LPG, ethanol. It is ideal for light vehicle, leasing.
You are RVer you have a second vehicle, thus a kit + a spoon and you can have two equiped vehicles.

Setup & installation

The setup and installation is very easy and quick. It takes less than 20 minutes.

Setup and installation Guide.

Set composition

  • An ecopra Bubbler Condenser Air Drinker.
  • B Injector inlet, Spoon.
  • C Segment
  • D Clamps
  • E Nut H24
  • F Lock washer
  • G Rylsan necklace

composition of the ecopra Air drinker kit